“We are one where our work could be drawn together.”

Freelance groups are comprised of IT groups with an ownership structure type of group model (hybrid), operated democratically by their “members,” and driven by Service and mission aimed to provide quality Service to Clients LONG-TERM.


We, members of freelance groups, are a pool of loyal freelancers offering a wide variety of freelance work tasks (the “Products”) to customize as solutions for project needs of Clients. By selling these Products, we get payments from a purchase order made by our Clients. That is, we earn hard cost money from completed orders, or work tasks we provided to our Clients, while we contribute cuts from project costs. Aside from the best interest of freelance groups, the contribution will be used also to keep up with our group’s Service and Mission, improve our group conditions, and provide quality Service to our Clients LONG-TERM, including keeping up with technology and engaging existing and new challenges. Also we get commission for all the Products purchased by our Clients and delivered by other freelance group members using the Service. In general, we are always responding to project requirements of our Clients in an on-demand manner.


We use information-driven decision making to define our structure of deliverables, helping companies manage their project knowledge better. As loyal freelancers, we partner with our Clients to become an integral part of their product development and provide effective support for collaborative project knowledge management efforts at all stages of their projects. Accordingly, we create value that will help us not only to extend better experiences, but to earn and preserve the trust and confidence of our Clients through personal attention, passion for what we do, and commitment to long-lasting relationship.


Whether you need a freelance Expert or team (remote, on-site, or mixed) with specific freelance skills and domain expertise, we adopt a flexible engagement model and project knowledge-based culture to build a pool of loyal freelancers aside from ready and easy access to information. This includes helping us better for project knowledge management, accumulation, and retention. The approach aims to help us in adapting to rapid change of markets and project portfolios and/or adjustments of our Clients.


We are loyal freelancers. Our mission is based on Quality Service. As such, we strive to offer our best efforts in providing Quality service; we take the time to truly understand our Clients’ project information requirements and project objectives and come up with freelance work methods and/or activities to implement and deliver a dependable solution; and we improve our competencies and freelance work activities through effective task project performance and satisfaction survey review, helping our Clients to achieve success.

Along with other benefits, buying any of our freelance work tasks for a lower cost will:

  • Enable us to manage our Client’s project knowledge better. To support this and contribute more on the efforts in providing our Client with project knowledge management, aside from offering our ready and easy access to information, we offer loyal freelancers to work and collaborate with our Client from initial engagement until the project is released and maintained.
  • Give our Client full control over budget and complete control over our loyal freelancers. This will enable our Client to define payments and manage our loyal freelancers as planned to ensure cost efficiency and better resource utilization.
  • Reduce the cost of our Client’s project and keep our Client’s employee costs down without sacrificing quality. This will enable our Client to save big money from hiring an employees, giving them training, and providing them the necessary resources for skills.


Through our portfolio of projects, we get a substantial set of core competencies to serve a wide variety of industry / domain markets, including:

  • eLearning and Entertainment
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Garment manufacturing
  • Healthcare insurance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Product Development
  • Hotel Management
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Legal Services
  • Life Insurance
  • testing engg
  • Health Care
  • e-commerce
  • Oil & Gas
  • WorkForce
  • Logistics
  • financial
  • Furniture
  • Security
  • Shipment
  • Electric
  • Telecom
  • Airline
  • Banking
  • Sports
  • Mobile
  • News


  • We unite with loyal freelancers.
  • We create a culture of teamwork with fellow group members.
  • We support group’s resource and development programs by engaging projects and delivering Quality Service.
  • We participate in responding to project requirements of clients in an on-demand manner.
  • We create Value by helping Clients in managing their project knowledge better.
  • We provide support as help to Clients in achieving success.
  • We share, find, and discuss valuable information relating to freelance work for group knowledge development and related concerns.
  • We participate in identifying agreement and building on that agreement as foundation for further freelance practice planning or decision-making.
  • We act in finding Quoth Shop be more useful, reachable, and of Service to Clients.
  • We are fair to fellow group members and supportive to someone who gives guidance to freelance work tasks.
  • We foster quality and excellence with fellow group members.


We wish for growth, development, and recognition to open the path of our group directions and concerns. To realize these goals, we must uphold and operate with the following core activities:


  • Commit to be fair in dealings and honest in connections with our prospective Clients for public good and our best interests.
  • Commit to extend better experiences to our Clients not only on satisfying their project needs, but earning and preserving the trust of our Clients on daily basis.


  • Commit to strive in ensuring the quality of the project under freelance work meets our Client’s guidelines and standards possible.
  • Commit to quality by delivering measurable value through solutions and quality results to our Clients.


  • Commit to be objective on purpose why freelance work is being carried out and protect confidential and privileged information of our Clients.
  • Commit to maintain a high level of professional integrity in freelance work tasks and/or activities.


  • Commit to participate, cooperate, and get involved in our group synergy.