“Think of Marketing group as your own; adopt and commit to become a better member; and take responsible for.”

The Service connects Clients with remarkable pool of loyal freelancers, enabling us to manage their project knowledge better. That is, we adopt a project knowledge-based culture to provide an effective support for collaborative project knowledge management efforts at all stages of their projects.

Our priority is to become LONG-TERM and TRUSTED partner of our Clients by providing better project knowledge management today and supporting their growing business needs of tomorrow.


  1. By providing our freelance groups with marketing support works, we offer 12% project commission for new Client you referred to freelance groups and 6% project commission for the purchase made by your repeat Client LONG-TERM.
  2. Marketing group OWNERSHIP stake, COLLABORATION in decision-making, Marketing group REVENUE cuts, PROFIT from your contribution to Marketing group, INFLUENCE to Marketing group programs’ direction and concerns, LONG-TERM membership, virtual WORKPLACE to advance your knowledge and practice, EQUAL OPPORTUNITY to marketing projects, PRIVILEGES to have continuous commission and marketing work engagements with your Clients, and FREEDOM to transfer your contribution to a family member as legacy.


Currently, we are looking for Marketing Partners to:

  1. Work with and help our freelance groups in finding and enabling Clients to purchase any of our 173  Products.
  2. Start up our Marketing group characteristically with the following:
    a. Knowledge on Information Technology, IT industry (Software), IT Software / Application (Custom Development), Digital Services for customization, IT Services for customization, and eCommerce.
    b. Skilled in Marketing, Management, Targeting, Knowledge Development, Consultative selling, and Business development approaches.
    c. Shared function as integral part of Marketing group.
    d. Specialize on startups development is a plus.


  • Develop a deep understanding of Client’s business, system, and industry / domain.
  • Present Quoth value propositions and offerings to prospects and new Clients.
  • Present needs-based solutions from contextual understanding through information-driven approach.
  • Drive negotiations with Clients, leveraging internal stakeholders and group partners as appropriate.
  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders to effectively close new Client deals. This includes improving and developing ways of working that better serve our Clients.
  • Be a major contributor to new selling targets, accurately and effectively managing leads in order to prioritise selling opportunities and internal resources.
  • Combine all knowledge, experiences, and skills to deliver Client-based growth via IT software / application (custom development services).
  • Build client relationships to create a strong and sustainable project pipeline. This includes maintaining project pipeline progress.
  • Identify, evaluate, and manage all aspects of our sales process from identifying prospects through to closing the sales.
  • Deliver and/or manage qualitative and quantitative consumer research (e.g. survey design, data analysis, etc.)
  • Develop short-term and long-term strategies for large Client accounts.


Through www.iquoth.org/shop (the “Website”), the Marketing group offers a wide variety of Marketing work tasks (the “Products”) to customize as remote solutions for marketing project needs of their Clients. By selling these Products, Marketing group members get payments from a purchase order made by their Clients. That is, they earn hard cost money from completed orders, or Marketing work tasks they provided to their Clients, while they get commission for all the Products purchased by their Clients and delivered by other Marketing group members using the Service. In general, their positions are fully remote and they are always responding to marketing project requirements of their Clients in an on-demand manner.


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