Business is at risk if the lack of expertise brings about inefficiency and loss of operation and production of product. To understand this, the inability of a worker to receive training, breakdown information, recognize information, perform reasoning, perform review, learn, perform functionality, deliver quality results, and/or produce performance is identified that may result in a failure of, including: System, Management, operation, Process, Project development, and/or production of product

The seriousness of the failure and its associated effects may defend on the causes of having expertise that brings about inefficiency and loss of operation and production.

Items below were considered as possible causes for the failure.
1. Hiring was not properly performed or the employer made an invalid hiring due to Erroneous, Invalid, Illogical, or Improper assessment during pre-recruitment activity resulting to false skills-project fit.
2. Improper, inadequate, incorrect, or incomplete training received by the worker, if not lack of training resulting to useless skills to perform functionality, difficulty to perform functionality, functional instruction loss, and/or disorganized work.

The effects of having the lack of expertise may perceive by the employer in complaints made of his/her Team that could affect teamwork and human interactions. And the inability of the employer to correctly handle the situation could lead to experience confusion and dissatisfaction to the worker, including:

Incorrect or false system of business, effect examples include:

  • A loss of a half million dollars
  • A loss of network connectivity
  • A one-day loss to the company of more than $400 million
  • A large percentage of erroneous derivatives trades
  • erroneous charges to thousands of customers
  • redress harm from the coding error
  • A major Asian stock market was whipsawed
  • A major financial exchange was unable to open for trading
  • A major search engine site were prevented from clicking through to sites listed in search results for part of a day.
  • A significant fall in its stock price
  • Generated major national and worldwide press coverage of its many reported problems.
  • Gift registries were reported not working properly
  • Hundreds of computer-controlled jail cell locks were unexpectedly opened at a 1000-inmate prison in April 2013
  • Missing payments and double-charged customers
  • Poor financial results
  • Repay clients $217 million
  • Stock market activity in many stocks was significantly disrupted.
  • Stock of a new stock exchange was cancelled
  • Assigned thousands of data to invalid locations

Incorrect or false management of business, effect examples include:

  • A mobile device manufacturer reached a settlement agreement with the U.S. government
  • The company agreed to a series of remedial actions.
  • CEO of a major smartphone manufacturer released a letter apologizing for the poor quality
  • Investigations by regulatory agency
  • Restrictions by regulatory agency

Incorrect or false operation of business, effect examples include:

  • Worldwide internet traffic dropped 40%
  • Major Businesses suffered online outages and disruptions
  • Reissue grade reports to nearly 2 million students nationwide
  • Unable to properly handle the IPO initial trades
  • Exchanges worked through the day to determine which trades had to be cancelled.
  • The project was scraped.
  • A serious threat to the health and safety” of beneficiaries

Incorrect or false process of business

Incorrect or false development of project

Incorrect or false production (inoperability) of the product

Really how you get support will affect your fund efficiency and the development reliability of your business system, management, product, project, process, and/or operation.

Do you agree?

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