How it works?

Below were flow steps our Client should take while considering how to buy any of our Products using the Service.

1. Sign up now and it is totally FREE.

2. Get support by finding help for your business development needs and finding solutions to your business development problems on Quoth Jobs.

3. Provide details of your project requirements to get a proposal by any of the following:
a. Clicking Get a Proposal link at Top Menu.
b. Posting your project for FREE.
c. Selecting Products by Shop by Products, or Shop Sales.
d. Browsing and sending project proposal invites to Freelancers.

4. Receive project proposals from Freelancers.

5. Select, decide, and discuss the details of your project requirements with preferred Freelancer(s) to hire, or build a virtual team, awarding the project.

6. Organize and sign-off plan for freelancer, or virtual team work to proceed.

7. Buy the Product based on the plan and freelance work you authorize. Note your product payment is protected by our Quoth Shop Payment System. And change order and order cancellation were additional features.

8. Wait for acceptance of Freelancer, or virtual team to proceed with the freelance work activities.

9. Supervise and give the required resources to be used by the Freelancer, or virtual team.

10. Achieve desired (project goals and objectives) freelance work results. Note you can request revision.

11. Give the Freelancer, or virtual team notice of acceptance.

12. [Optional] Assess, evaluate, and give feedback to control and improve Freelancer, or virtual team work performance.

13. Repeat Step 2 to get support for a new project, or Step 7 to make payment for additional freelance work activities.