How it works?

Below were flow steps our loyal freelancer should take while considering how to find a project using the Service.

1. Get self-promotion by creating project-winning profiles.

2. Get invitation (or find a project) to send a proposal for a project by Client.

3. Gather and understand what the Client’s project information requirements are all about against the freelance skill needs.

4. Establish objectives, improvement plan, freelance work activities, work plan, and responsibilities for freelance work.

5. Apply for the project, communicate, negotiate proposal, and get selected by Client. If necessary, get ready with a Team by collaborating with other Freelancers to match the freelance work activities.

6. Get sign-off from Client.

7. Advice Client to buy the Quoth Shop’s Product.

8. Confirm project acceptance and Implement what is scheduled to be done.

9. Deliver complete freelance work results for Client’s acceptance. This includes uploading all the freelance work files that have been completed to the Service.

10. Get Client’s notice of acceptance, or request for revision. This includes revising freelance work, if necessary. Note we release the payment once your Client is 100% happy with your freelance work deliverable.

11. [Optional] Get Client’s feedback.

12. Review, measure, and analyze your (or Team) efficiency, freelance work method, and the effectiveness of freelance work activities. This includes identifying what success that was made and what were the actual results, deciding what has to be maintained and/or corrected, adapting what isn’t working, and expanding what is working.

13. Standardize and consolidate actions to improve freelance work performance. This includes Communicating learning to the Team, if a Team is used in the project.

14. Get help from Quoth Shop Team to conduct training, if necessary.

15. Repeat Step 2 to send a proposal for a project by Client, or Step 6 to proceed with additional freelance work activities.