“Think of freelance groups as your own; adopt and commit on our core activities; and take responsible for.”

The Service connects Clients with remarkable pool of loyal freelancers, enabling us to:

  • Build and maintain Client-loyal freelancer relationship.
  • Provide freelance work tasks to customize as solutions in an on-demand manner.
  • Offer and put our best efforts in creating value by helping and providing Client with better project knowledge management.
  • Use information-driven decision making in defining structure of deliverables, delivering quality Service, and managing project knowledge better.
  • Provide flexible-based solution on Client needs.
  • Help our Clients to achieve success.

Our priority is to build the FREELANCER GROUPS and become LONG-TERM and TRUSTED partner of our Clients by providing help to them today and supporting their growing business needs of tomorrow.


Currently, we are looking for IT Freelance Partners to:

  • Start up one or more of our freelance groups.
  • Unite with loyal freelancers.
  • Create a culture of teamwork with fellow group members.
  • Support group’s resource and development programs by engaging projects and delivering Quality Service.
  • Participate in responding to project requirements of clients in an on-demand manner.
  • Create Value by helping Clients in managing their project knowledge better.
  • Share, find, and discuss valuable information relating to freelance work for group knowledge development and related concerns.
  • Participate in identifying agreement and building on that agreement as foundation for further freelance practice planning or decision-making.
  • Act in finding Quoth Shop be more useful, reachable, and of Service to Clients.
  • Be fair to fellow group members and supportive to someone who gives guidance to freelance work tasks.
  • Foster quality and excellence with fellow group members.
  • Provide support as help to Clients in achieving success.

Think you are one of them?

If you are an IT Freelancer, or IT professional (young or knowledgeable) and think that you like to become an IT Freelancer and have the spirit that defines passion to adopt and commit on our CORE ACTIVITIES then you are welcome to become part of freelance groups and take PLEASURE in becoming greater with your freelance group ownership stake.


We offer you with freelance group OWNERSHIP stake, COLLABORATION in decision-making, freelance group REVENUE cuts, PROFIT from your contribution to freelance groups, INFLUENCE to freelance group programs’ direction and concerns, LONG-TERM membership, virtual WORKPLACE to advance your knowledge and practice, EQUAL OPPORTUNITY to projects, PRIVILEGES to have continuous commission and freelance work engagements with your Clients, and FREEDOM to transfer your contribution to a family member as legacy.


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