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Buy our QA work task now and actual test work will ensue to verify and ensure that the defect fixes made in your project works properly and satisfies the project requirements. This includes submitting summary report and the test results.


As you become aware of your project testing needs, we would like to thank you as you identify our QA work task positively to help you in satisfying your test requirements. As response, we hope that with our solution we could be of service to you and exceed your expectations.

Get started now.

To get started, we suggest 2 STEPS below.

1. Contact us with your test requirements to enable us in:

¤ Gaining knowledge and mutual understanding on facts of your project; and
¤ Letting you know how soon we can get the job done for you.

2. Buy our QA work task and actual test work will ensue to:

¤ Verify and ensure that the defect fixes made in your project works properly and satisfies the project requirements; and
¤ Deliver summary report and the QA work results.

Order project delivery time depends on the resource available and complexity of your test requirements.

Improve our QA work task outcomes.

To improve our QA work task outcomes, we offer the add-on services below.

¤ Stepping up testing engagement for USD 12.50 to reduce total project delivery time by a day (1 hour).

¤ Performing defect analysis for USD 12.50 to investigate the defects, determine the website activities that fail based on these defects, determine why these failures occurred, describe the effects of these failures, determine failure severity, determine where these failures introduced, determine priority, determine why these defects (verified not resolved yet) were reopened, determine why these defects were not found originally from previous test cycles, and recommend action within a day (1 hour).

¤ Performing exploratory testing for USD 12.50 to create and execute test cases at the same time aimed to investigate the status of a particular failure within a day (1 hour).

Contact us now with your test requirements.

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