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We can deliver quality results by performing any of methods below on your website or application.

¤ Software testing (Functional, Regression, User experience, Visual/screen display, Efficiency, Robustness, Integration, System, Alpha, Beta, and/or Acceptance)
¤ Functional test specification containing test cases creation
¤ Software quality risk assessment
¤ Software quality risk assessment and exploratory testing
¤ Software quality risk assessment and test case creation
¤ Software quality risk assessment, test case creation, and test case execution
¤ Test case creation and test case execution
¤ Test case execution
¤ Test case creation
¤ Defect verification
¤ Automated testing
¤ Usability testing
¤ Defect analysis
¤ Exploratory testing
¤ Defect analysis and exploratory testing
¤ Security hunting
¤ Defect hunting
¤ Mobile hunting
¤ Game hunting

See optional tasks below to improve our work outcomes.

¤ Test strategy and/or test plan creation
¤ Order delivery time reduction
¤ Defect analysis
¤ Exploratory testing

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