Project fund is at risk if money is lost due to poor quality and late delivery of system. To understand this, increased support service costs are identified that may result in a failure of, including: Production of product, Project development, Process, and/or Operation

The seriousness of the failure and its associated effects may defend on the causes of having increased support service costs.

Erroneous and illogical code can be considered as possible cause for the failure. For instance, correct appearance, navigation throughout the site, and functionality behavior of the product were not properly performed due to erroneous, improper, and/or missing project requirement parameters during pre-project activity.

The effects of increased support service costs may perceive by the employer in the report that could make Client dissatisfaction and complaint. And the inability of the employer to correctly handle the situation could take time out of project related activities, if not lead to experience more identification, realization, and/or recording of requirement gaps resulting to project conflicts, project delays, and/or project loss.

Really how you get support will affect your fund efficiency and the development reliability of your business system, management, product, project, process, and/or operation.

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