Quoth groups are comprised of freelance groups with an ownership structure type of group model (hybrid), operated democratically by a pool of loyal freelancers as their group members.

What Members of Freelance Groups Do

  • They unite with loyal freelancers.
  • They create a culture of teamwork with fellow group members.
  • They support group’s resource and development programs.
  • They participate in responding to project requirements of Clients in an on-demand manner.
  • They create Value by helping Clients in managing their project knowledge better.
  • They provide support as help to Clients in achieving success.
  • They share, find, and discuss valuable information relating to freelance work for group’s knowledge development and related concerns.
  • They participate in identifying agreement and building on that agreement as foundation for further freelance practice planning or decision-making.
  • They act in finding Quoth Shop be more useful, reachable, and of Service to Clients.
  • They are fair to fellow group members and supportive to someone who gives guidance to their freelance skills.
  • They foster quality and excellence with fellow group members.

Code of Conduct


  • Commit to be fair in dealings and honest in connections with our prospective Clients for public good and our best interests.
  • Commit to extend better experiences to our Clients not only on satisfying their project needs, but earning and preserving the trust of our Clients on daily basis.


  • Commit to strive in ensuring the quality of the project under freelance work meets our Client’s guidelines and standards possible.
  • Commit to quality by delivering measurable value through solutions and quality results to our Clients.


  • Commit to be objective on purpose why freelance work is being carried out and protect confidential and privileged information of our Clients.
  • Commit to maintain a high level of professional integrity in freelance work tasks and/or activities.


  • Commit to participate, cooperate, and get involved in group synergy.

Join The Freelance Groups

If you haven’t already, join us at: http://www.iquoth.org/shop/join-us