With rapidly changing markets and product portfolios, developing and maintaining product knowledge and high proficiency levels is a challenging act for many organizations. However, in some observations, their failure causes incomplete or inaccurate product and support information, if not it leads to increased support services costs and Client dissatisfaction.

At Quoth Shop, SQAF group is challenged to offer their best efforts in providing better product knowledge management to their Clients, characteristically:

  • Aside from ready and easy access to information, SQAF group is adopting a product knowledge-based culture. The approach aims to provide effective support for collaborative product knowledge management efforts at all QA stages of projects by developing product experts from resource-based insights for LONG-TERM through SQAF Group.
  • Having the resource of product experts’ insights, SQAF group can adapt to rapid change of markets and product portfolios of their Clients.

The SQAF group is also challenged to offer LOYAL Software Freelance QAs (SFQAs) from initial testing engagement until the product is shipped and maintained. The objective is to create a value that will help us not only to extend better experiences to and earn and preserve the trust of our Clients, but to capture tacit knowledge to contribute more on the efforts in providing better product knowledge management to our Clients.

At Quot Shop, we wish value for loyal SFQAs to put SQAF group’s best efforts to the path of success. As such, we take SFQAs’ benefits seriously.

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