“Educating our Clients in freelance group work model is essential to fast-track projects and establish mutual understanding on project facts. This includes avoiding the dreaded pitfalls like the loss of time and productivity for both Client and members of freelance groups.”


The freelance group work model is a process that we follow to reap success. Aided by our knowledge and experience, we have developed and refined our process in the form of this work model, bringing in efficiency, quality control at each stage, and freelance best practices to provide solutions to our Clients.

Below were the user flow steps our Client should take while considering how to buy any of our Products using the Service.

  1. Sign Me Up.
  2. Get a Proposal. Or select a Category to find a Product, then fill up the Product form with details of project requirements.
  3. Sign-off plan for freelance work to proceed.
  4. Buy Product. Note change order and order cancellation were additional features.
  5. Give the required resources to be used by the Team for freelance work activities.
  6. Get complete freelance work results. Note Client can request revision of results.
  7. Give the Team notice of acceptance.
  8. Give feedback to improve freelance work performance.

While we undertake the freelance works with the following Steps:

1: Submission by Client of project requirements

Client Activities:

  1. Provide details of project requirements to get a proposal; or
  2. Identify Products based on exact project needs and contact the Freelance Experts with details of project requirements.

Freelance Expert Activities:

  1. Get started by gathering all pertinent project information requirements. This includes committing to keep all gathered pertinent project information requirements as confidential and not disclose any of these information to any third party.
  2. Identify and advice Client for any shortcomings.

2: Understand project information requirements

Freelance Expert Objectives:

  1. Understand what the project information requirements are all about against the freelance work task needs. This includes determining why freelance work task is to be carried out.
  2. Analyze and identify project information requirement issues and/or concerns. This includes escalation of issues and/or concerns to client as they occur.
  3. Determine suitable freelance work methods to be performed. This includes defining metrics and identifying optional freelance works to improve outcomes, if necessary.

3: Plan and define freelance work activities

Freelance Expert Activities:

  1. Plan for freelance work. This includes preparing freelance checklist and a higher-level overview of what to do and in what order.
  2. Give quote to Client.
  3. Assemble the Team (remote, on-site, or mixed) by matching the freelance work activities with Client contact (enabled for immediate involvement) and the right freelancers to utilize.
  4. Get sign-off from Client.

Client Activity:

  1. Get a proposal and sign-off the plan for freelance work to proceed.

4: Implement the freelance work activities

Freelance Expert Activities:

  1. Advice Client to buy the freelance work tasks at Quoth Shop. Once the payments are made by the Client, the Team must respond within a day (8 hours).
  2. Motivate and influence the members of freelance groups  to be objective in undertaking freelance work activities and putting into practice the Implementation Methodology below. This includes delivering daily status reports.
  3. Deliver complete freelance work results for Client’s acceptance.
  4. Upload all the freelance work files that have been completed to the Service. Note that the Service will scan and ensure all the transferred files were free from any damages caused by viruses, malware, and etc. before sharing them to Client for management, maintenance, and execution throughout the project.

Client Activities:

  1. Buy the Product.
  2. If the Client has already made Payments to an order and wish to add an additional Product to his/her order or need to change an existing Product on his/her order, the Client will need to cancel his/her initial order and place a new order. The Service encourages Client to contact Customer Support for assistance within the day (8 hours).
  3. If the Team fails to confirm that the freelance work has started, or inform the Client that the freelance work requires more understanding and review time before the implementation of freelance work method gets started, the Client may contact Customer Support for order cancellation. The cost of Client’s project will be refunded and paid through PayPal.

5: Improve freelance work performance

Freelance Expert Activities:

  1. Review and analyze the effectiveness of freelance work activities.
  2. Motivate and influence the Team for freelance work performance improvements.


To keep Client and the Team informed and updated, virtual Workplace will be provided where both parties can communicate, share files, collaborate, and find a common ground in establishing mutual knowledge and understanding on project facts.


The implementation methodology is divided into four periods. They are:

  1. Set-up
  2. Evaluation
  3. Delivery
  4. Acceptance

They are segregated from one another to properly schedule the project as well as to determine both Client and Team’s responsibilities and when resources should be allocated. It also reflects when activity is simultaneous with another or which is pre-requisite of other.


The Client will:

  • Identify, develop, setup, and/or deliver a unit tested release on agreed release dates to Team. This includes spending a short period of time to provide a reasonable/sensibility check before carrying out the freelance work by the Team.
  • Give the required resources to be used by the Team for the freelance works.

The Team will do workstation setup to get ready for the freelance works, if necessary.


The Team will apply the freelance work activities objectively, gather information, create the summary report, and record the freelance work results. This includes finding and escalating freelance work activity issues and/or concerns to Client as they occur.


The Team will deliver the summary report and freelance work results to Client for review and likely action.

The Client may request for revisions if the delivered freelance work files failed to satisfy his/her project requirements. If necessary, the Team will communicate with Client for mutual agreement and resolution to complete the project needs. This includes revising the summary report and freelance work results based on reviews made by Client.

The Client has three days to provide a notice of acceptance or non-acceptance based on delivered freelance work files.


If the Client is satisfied with the freelance works, s/he will be required to give the Team a notice of acceptance. Note freelance work is considered complete if the Client fails to provide the Team a notice of acceptance or non-acceptance within the response time.