Bringing you value in terms of getting business development supports.

Quoth Jobs is a platform where you can:

1. Post a Project FREE, sit back, and let Freelancers send their proposals. You only pay total or part of engagement cost for hiring best Freelancer candidates (or managing a team).
2. Connect and get support from a pool of Freelancers in supporting you in cutting through your shortcomings and difficulties in finding solutions to your business development problems. The Freelancers will help you in getting a better view of and refining your business development requirements.
3. Hire best Freelancer candidates (or managing a team) in benefiting from having full control over budget (letting you be flexible in what price you are willing to pay for preferred Freelancer, or a team) and complete control over freelancers. This will enable you to: (a) Manage Freelancers, define payments, ensure cost efficiency, and make use of better resource utilization. (b) Do away with huge expenses on project costs, save big money from hiring employees, giving them training, and providing you the necessary resources for skills. (c) Accumulate and access your project information with our project knowledge management. (d) Protect your product payments with our payment security.
4. Adopt our Products in helping you for your business development needs in an on-demand manner.
5. Join a mindful community in developing strategic partnerships.
6. Get your privileges off the ground in opening you to the opportunities.

DON’T MISS OUT OUR SPECIAL OFFER! We can give you PRIVILEGES to get 10% discount on your first hire and LIFETIME 6% per project engagement discount after your first hire. Hurry Up! This special offer is valid only until 1st of January 2021 00:00 (GMT +8) and as you hired a Freelancer, or managed a team (remote, on-site, or mixed) on Quoth Jobs.

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