Must think of your future as Freelancer.

Quoth Jobs is a platform where you can:

1. Adopt our Products and showcase your Freelancer profiles in finding projects and turning your freelance skills into investment opportunities with us.
2. Get commission fees for all Products that will be purchased via Quoth Shop by your newly and existing referred Clients.
3. Get hired and benefits from our payment security in protecting your earned money from project engagements.
4. Join a mindful community in developing strategic partnerships.
5. Receive trainings in sustaining the development of your freelance skills. Note this feature is not in place yet, but fund raising is on-going.
6. Get your privileges off the ground in opening you to the opportunities.
7. Transfer your privileges to a family member as legacy.

DON’T MISS OUT OUR SPECIAL OFFER! We can give you PRIVILEGES to get a referral (credited to your account) as you get hired by a Client on Quoth Jobs. This includes having LIFETIME 5% contribution to freelance group funds from per project engagement made by this Client. Hurry Up! This special offer is valid only until 1st of January 2021 00:00 (GMT +8).

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