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Buy our QA work task now and actual test work will ensue to provide recommended actions in addressing potential failures aimed to:
• Guide you on what part of the website needs more focus and coverage, and help you to prioritize;
• Avoid problem(s) before you set off for the tasks; and
• Help you understand the risk level of your website.

This includes submitting summary report and analysis report.


We would like to thank you as you identify our freelance work task positively to help you in satisfying your project requirements. As response, we hope that with our solution we could be of service to you, exceed your expectations, and earn and preserve your trust.

Note: Buying of delivery time depends on the availability of our resource and complexity of your project requirements. As such, a freelance work task with limitations can take much longer than 1 hour to implement. Thus, delivery time is subject to multiple purchase. It would be great if you provide us first your details about your project requirements before placing a freelance work task order. This would enable us to determine why the freelance work task is to be carried out, determine suitable freelance work methods and activities to apply, and give you our quote ASAP for your kind approval.

Improve our QA work task outcomes.

To improve our QA work task outcomes, we offer the add-on services below.

¤ Stepping up testing engagement for USD 13.50 to reduce total project delivery time by a day (1 hour).

¤ Performing functional test specification creation for USD 13.50 to derive functional test specifications containing test cases from risk analysis report and submit the functional test specifications document within a day (1 hour).

¤ Executing test cases for USD 13.50 to cause the website to fail by finding defects within a day (1 hour).

¤ Performing defect analysis for USD 13.50 to investigate the defects, determine the website activities that fail based on these defects, determine why these failures occurred, describe the effects of these failures, determine failure severity, determine where these failures introduced, determine priority, determine why these defects (verified not resolved yet) were reopened, determine why these defects were not found originally from previous test cycles, and recommend action within a day (1 hour).

¤ Performing exploratory testing for USD 13.50 to create and execute test cases at the same time aimed to investigate the status of a particular risk and submit test results within a day (1 hour).

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