“We are one where our work could be drawn together.”

Quoth groups are comprised of freelance groups with an ownership structure type of group model (hybrid). 


  • They create a culture of teamwork with fellow group members.
  • They focus on Service, Community Development, Leadership, Teamwork, Job & Workplace, Professionalism, Loyalty, Science & Technology, Innovation, Education, Creativity, and Poverty.
  • They participate, cooperate, and get involved in building and maintaining Client-Freelancer relationships by fostering strategic partnerships with Clients. The approach aims to bring about quality management and service in supplying and supporting Clients with Freelancers to reach their desired development outcomes.
  • They provide effective support for collaborative project knowledge management efforts at all stages of Client projects.
  • They identify, promote, share, and discuss valuable information relating to freelance practices for knowledge development and related group concerns in creating common education.
  • They are fair to fellow group members and supportive to someone who gives guidance to their freelance skills.
  • They think of Quoth groups as their own; adopt and commit on their CORE ACTIVITIES (Code of Conduct); and take responsible for.


Quoth groups wish for growth, development, and recognition to open the path of their group directions and concerns. To realize these goals, they must uphold and operate with the following core activities:


  • Commit to be fair in dealings and honest in connections with their prospective Clients for public good and their best interests.
  • Commit to extend better experiences to their Clients not only on satisfying the project needs of their Clients, but earning and preserving the trust of their Clients on daily basis.


  • Commit to strive in ensuring the quality of the project under freelance work meets their Client’s guidelines and standards possible.
  • Commit to quality by delivering measurable value through solutions and quality results to their Clients.


  • Commit to be objective on purpose why freelance work is being carried out and protect confidential and privileged information of their Clients.
  • Commit to maintain a high level of professional integrity in freelance work tasks and/or activities.
  • Commit to do good and create a better future.


  • Commit to participate, cooperate, and get involved in their group synergy.


Currently, we are looking for more Freelancers with strength in practice domain and background in performing any of skills below to connect practice with us.

(1) Website and Software Development

(2) Mobile Phones and Computing

(3) Design and Media

(4) Software Testing and Quality Assurance

(5) Organization Development

(6) Writing and Content

(7) Marketing

(8) Other Services

Think you are one of them?

If you are a Freelancer, or professional (young or knowledgeable) and think that you love to have the spirit that defines passion to adopt and commit on our core activities then you are welcome to connect practice with us.


We offer you with INFLUENCE to freelance group programs’ direction and concerns; COLLABORATION in decision-making; and EQUAL OPPORTUNITY to projects.


Here are the three things you need to do while considering on how to connect practice with us.

STEP 1: You must sign up as Freelancer to create your Quoth Jobs account.
STEP 2: Complete your account information and get your identity verified.
STEP 3: Please help us to evaluate your profile by taking some time to accomplish the form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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