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Through (the “Website”), we sell a wide variety of Products (the “freelance skills”) to customize in an on-demand manner.

So why Quoth Shop?

Quoth Shop is a platform where:

  • An ownership type of group model can build a pool of loyal freelancers with strength in practice domain and background.
  • An effective Client-Loyal Freelancer relationship management can be built and maintained.
  • Client can make the most of our service framework as help for his/her development needs and adopt our Products as solutions to his/her development problems in an on-demand manner.
  • Loyal freelancers can offer and put their best efforts in creating value by helping and providing better project knowledge management (the path of success) to Client.
  • Loyal freelancers can use information-driven decision making to define structure of deliverables, deliver quality Service, and manage project knowledge better.
  • Client is given full control over budget and complete control over loyal freelancers enabling Client to define payments and manage loyal freelancers as planned to ensure cost efficiency and better resource utilization. It’s a flexible-based solution on Client’s development needs and problems.
  • Cost of Client’s project and employee are reduced without sacrificing quality enabling Client to save big money from hiring an employees, giving them training, and providing them the necessary resources for skills.
  • Purpose is to participate in responding to the worst global employment market condition today.
  • Goal is to become an authority in our niche.